Responsibilities may be very different from one household to another depending on the formality level and the employer’s lifestyle.


The Butler


Here’s a common description of this profession:

The butler, also known as Majordomo, is responsible to provide personalized
and seamless service to an individual or a family in the front of house
duties. He knows and applies the household ways and standards, and work
closely with the rest of the household staff. Expected duties assigned to
the butler can vary widely depending on the family’s lifestyle, culture,
level of formality, number of household staff, etc., but generally include:

  • Setting up table (both formal and informal).
  • Performing table and drink service.
  • Preparing and serving tea/coffee.
  • Managing the wine cellar.
  • Managing the inventory.
  • Making flower arrangements.
  • Greeting guests.

Very hands-on, the Butler works on the floor, available at all time.

In larger structures, the Butler may supervise other service staff members
and have Under Butlers to assist him/her. The Butler understands every
household departments and can fill in whenever necessary or provide
training to newly arrived staff members. He/she has few or no
administrative responsibilities.
Salary range: $70,000 to $200,000+
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Travellling Butler

The Travelling Butler will perform the same front of house duties, but in
different locations that can include secondary residences and
hotels/villas. He will also be involved with pre-flight arrangements and
provisioning. He/she packs and unpack suitcases, transport luggage, assist
the corporate flight attendant during in-flight service, etc.

Under Butler

In larger household structure, the butler might need a right arm to assist
him performing the expected level of service. It is usally a member of
staff that wishes to learn the rope of the butler profession.

Hotel / Villa Butler

Discreet and always available, the Hotel/Villa Butler services guests in
upscale hotel/resorts and private villas. He/she are greeting guests upon
arrival, showing all aspects of their room, offer to unpack luggage,
pressing of clothes, providing a premises tour, handling check-in, making
dinner reservations, arranging tour bookings, serving meals, setting up the
turndown service, etc.” It’s also common for Hotel/Villa Butlers to provide
a cell phone or an app on the in-room tablet so that guests can communicate
on-the-go or with privacy.

The Maître d’Hôtel


Here’s a common description of this profession:

  • Commonly known as MaÎtre D.
  • Responsible for the overall dining experience for the employer and
  • Plays a key role in specific foods service such as boning fish, mixing
    salads or serving flam be desserts.
  • In charge of formal table setting, fine service and wine pairing.
  • Serves drinks, wines and spirits.
  • The Maître d’Hôtel typically reports to the Butler or House Manager.
  • Report to the House Manager, Butler or Executive Personal Assistant.

Salary range: $70,000 to $110,000+

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The Valet


Here’s a common description of this profession:

  • The Valet is the male equivalent to the Lady’s Maid.
  • Provides personal assistance to the gentleman of the house.
  • Often the first person that the gentleman sees in the morning and the
    last one that he sees before retiring at night.
  • Duties include storage and inventory of fine clothing, jewelry and
    personal accessories.
  • Assists in dressing, hair styling and getting ready for social events.
  • Performs light mending and pressing, shoe shining/polishing and light
    housekeeping within the gentleman’s apartments and other rooms on that
  • Packs and unpacks for travel and serves light meals.
  • Provide close personal assistance requires flexibility in terms of
    schedule and tasks.
  • Report to the House Manager.

Salary range: $70,000 to $110,000+

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