By submitting your personal information on Elite Domo’s website, you agree to these Terms and Conditions:

  1. I am not required to pay a fee of any kind for the referral services of Elite Domo. I understand that the placement service fee is the obligation of my employer. Under no condition will I work for an employer found by Elite Domo unless I have been authorized to do so by Elite Domo.
  2. The information on my application is true and complete in all respects to the best of my knowledge and I accept that a background and professional references check including, but not limited to, ID verification, past employments, criminal and credit record verification, and in some cases a driving abstract verification be conducted to validate my candidacy.
  3. Elite Domo and my employer will rely on information that I provide on my application forms provided by Elite Domo and other records and/or statements that I may provide. I give permission to Elite Domo and my prospective employers to verify and use the information for employment purposes that I provide during interviews or in writing. I understand that Elite Domo may cancel its agreement at any time and/or that my employer may dismiss me at any time if any part of the information is not true.
  4. I agree to keep in confidence all information given to me about prospective employers, whether or not I am hired. In the event that I am hired I will, at all times, maintain confidentially regarding the affairs and concerns of the household and its members and respect the employer’s right to privacy. It is expressly prohibited to post or discuss any Confidential, Private and Sensitive Information, especially any matters relating to the Employer, on any website, including without limitation, any ‘blog’, social networking site, or messaging site. I agree that any breach of these obligations shall justify the immediate termination of my employment without any notice or pay in lieu of notice. Moreover, I further agree that these obligations shall continue indefinitely, even after my employment comes to an end, or if my candidacy is not selected.
  5. If I accept a position from an employer, I will negotiate the terms of my employment with the employer honestly and in good faith. I understand that I will be employed or contracted and paid by the employer, not Elite Domo. I acknowledge that, Elite Domo does not control or supervise the time, method, manner or means during my employment.
  6. I agree to notify Elite Domo in the event that an employer presented by Elite Domo contacts me directly anytime in the future to offer me a job offer or a contract.
  7. I consent to receive SMS messages (including text messages), and telephone calls from us, our agents, representatives, affiliates, or anyone communicating on our behalf at the specific number(s) you have provided to us, with service-related information, questions about your use of the Services, and/or Even Account and marketing information. You certify, warrant, and represent that the telephone number you have provided to us is your contact number and not someone else’s. You represent that you are permitted to receive calls and text messages at the telephone number you have provided to us. You agree to promptly alert us whenever you stop using a telephone number.
  8. I hereby release and discharge Elite Domo and its employees, officers and directors from all liability or responsibility for any damage or loss arising out of my employment as a result of a referral from Elite Domo. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, I indemnify Elite Domo for any and all claims, including attorney fees and court costs, made by any person when such claims arise out of my employment by an individual to whom I have been referred by Elite Domo.
  9. Elite Domo reserves the right to not disclose their Client identity until the Client accepts your candidacy.


Rev. February 27, 2023