Welcome to Elite Domo

Since Elite Domo was founded in 2006, we have experienced an unrivaled range of private service employment situations and needs. We have built a strong network and are a leading North American private staffing agency.
Your time is precious, your privacy is essential, and you want things done right. For the recruitment of your private staff, we manage the complete process, from the first contact to post-hire follow-up. Our expertise, experience, and resources enable us to quickly assess your needs and find the talented candidate that will meet your expectations.
Individuals and families in Canada, the United States and the Caribbean rely on the excellence of our tailored professional recruitment services:

  • we strive to understand and meet each employer’s needs and expectations
  • we foster professional work ethics and ensure confidentiality
  • we perform a selection process, including interviewing
  • Garda pre-employment services conduct the background check of candidates
  • we present the best candidates available

Our high standards

Over the years, our high work standards have established our reputation:

  • Our understanding of the North American culture and the nuances of each region, including the differences between East-West, North-South, urban, suburban and rural environments, English speaking and French Canadians
  • Our bank of candidates, built throughout the years and constantly updated
  • Our business partnership with Garda pre-employment services, an international security firm that performs background checks
  • Candidates are met in person or through video-conference
  • Our network of professional recruiters available to assist you throughout the recruitment process
  • Our service fee is applicable only if you choose to hire one of our candidates
  • We work in your best interest, we do not request that you use exclusively our services

Sought-after candidates

We consider a series of criteria to present the best candidate for your household:

  • Work experience in the private service industry (such as a private home, an official residence or a yacht)
  • References from previous employers, confirming the candidate’s skills and personality
  • Professional and discreet, with an understanding of the employer’s need for privacy
  • Proactive, conscientious, flexible hands-on approach
  • Looking for a long-term assignment

Our bank of candidates

Most candidates register with us through recommendations or references, which helps us understand where they are coming from. We also recruit through the following methods:

  • Specialized websites and newspaper ads
  • Job postings and alert service on our website
  • Social media including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn