Elite Domo experts and guest collaborators share insights from the discreet world of private service.

To Live-in or Live-out?

In many cases, jobs in private service are more than just jobs, they are a lifestyle – especially when it comes to live-in positions. Is a live-in job in private service for you? Or are you better off living-out? It is important to consider several aspects of both types of positions when choosing whether to

Where are you going on vacation?

Summer has arrived and vacations are on everyone’s mind. For dedicated private service professionals like you, booking some time off demands extra care and consideration. When reserving your vacation dates with your employer, the golden rule is simple: plan well in advance. The vacation days to which you are entitled are written in your employment

What does it take to succeed in Private Service?

The business of private service is a unique one: our employer is purchasing a carefree life. It is a big responsibility. Every day, we put their priorities before our own. It’s essential to enjoy serving, no matter what our job level is. It shows when we like what we do, and it makes a difference.

How to Launch Your Career in Private Service

Many of you ask us for advice on starting a career in private service. It is a unique world where there isn’t one straight path to success. Working in private service requires equal part experience and personality, complemented by training. But contrarily to many other fields, formal schooling isn’t mandatory. Registering with an agency like