Welcome to Elite Domo

Founded in 2006, Elite Domo has become a leading North American private staffing agency. Our objective is to help you find your ideal job, corresponding to your level of experience, skills and expectations. The positions that we are commissioned to fill are mostly permanent, full-time jobs, offering rare opportunities for careers in the private service industry.
We work with you until the very end of the hiring process, to ensure a good match with your future employer. To that effect, we need to learn more about your professional experience, your personality and your goals for the future. Our candidates deserve the same respect and courtesy as employers. In return, we expect you to be honest and transparent, provide complete documents and have a professional appearance during our meetings.

Why register with Elite Domo

There are many benefits to registering as a candidate with us:

  • You have access to all our services, free of charge
  • You can be assured that our clients are serious employers. We recruit for permanent, full-time quality jobs in estates and private households
  • We offer unlimited access to the job board and your job seeker’s profile
  • You can create alerts to be notified when a new job is posted
  • We will not submit your profile for a position without your prior approval
  • We do not require that you give our agency exclusives rights

Registration process

  • First, simply apply on a job (to view the list of jobs, go to https://portal.elitedomo.com/jobs/Careers).
  • After applying on a job, you can provide more information to help us matching you with the right job/employer (go to https://zurl.to/ZGo)
  • If selected, an Elite consultant will contact you to discuss your professional experience and your career goals.
  • You will afterwards be invited for an interview with one of our consultants, in person or over a video interview (Zoom).
  • If you qualify, you will need to fill out a consent form for a reference and security verification. The check will be conducted by Mintz Global, a private security firm, thus ensuring discreet and confidential handling of your information. Mintz Global will verbally confirm the information with your references and verify your academic records and any other document or information you have provided. For some positions, a personality assessment and a medical check-up may be required.
  • When the verification is completed, you will be officially registered and ready to be presented to our clients.

Selection process

The selection process can be lengthy and requires several steps:

  • If you are selected for a job, you will receive an invitation for an initial telephone interview.
  • If selected, you will be invited to a meeting in person at one of our offices.
  • Following this meeting, if your application is successful, we will proceed with a security check.
  • Once the security check is successfully completed, we will present your profile to the employer.
  • If selected, you will be invited to one or more meetings with the employer.
  • If you are finally selected for the position, the employer will present you with a work contract.
  • Following your hire, your Elite Domo consultant will stay in contact with you to provide support and advice.

TIP: During a job search, you need to be patient and wait for the right job with the right family to come along. If you have a job that you are considering leaving, we suggest that you keep that job during your job research process.

What we pay attention to

In the documents that you submit and during telephone or in-person interviews, the following elements are important to us:

  • All relevant and recent working experience.
  • Verifiable professional references.
  • Your resume, which should have no spelling mistakes, contain concise information in chronological order, beginning with the most recent (see sample resume).
  • Your explanation for any professionally inactive periods.
  • Your honesty and your ability to provide exact dates will prove the accuracy of the information submitted.

When applying for a job

  • You can apply directly on the job description (to view the list of jobs, go to https://portal.elitedomo.com/jobs/Careers)
  • Be realistic and pay attention to each element of the job description. Our job postings are carefully written to provide a clear portrait of the candidate we are seeking.