1. How much experience is required?

Most of our clients seek candidates with at least two years of relevant domestic experience, which can include experience in a private home or official residence or on a private yacht. Excellent references will be requested. In some cases, luxury hotel and resort, cruise ship or high-end restaurant experience can be considered.

2. If I do not currently qualify, how can I get the required experience?

We recommend that you search for positions in newspaper classified ads and on websites such as Kijiji and Craigslist. Once you have gained the required experience, you can contact us. We may then be able to help you with your search for a job in the private service sector.

3. Am I a registered candidate if I have signed up on your website and completed my profile?

No. Signing up and completing your profile is the first step in registering with Elite Domo, but you will be registered only after having been interviewed by one of our consultants and after your references and your background have been verified.

4. How do I register and make myself available to be presented to an employer?

  • First, simply fill out our online application form.
  • An Elite consultant will contact you to discuss your professional experience and your career goals.
  • You will be invited for an in-person interview with one of our consultants.
  • If you qualify, you will need to fill out a form for a reference and security verification. The check will be conducted by Mintz Global, a private security firm, thus ensuring discreet and confidential handling of your information. Mintz Global will verbally confirm the information with your references and verify your academic records and any other document or information you have provided. For some positions, a personality assessment and a medical check-up may be required.
  • When the verification is completed, you will be officially registered and ready to be presented to our clients.

To facilitate the registration process, we recommend that you submit accurate and clear information when requested. You should also let your references know in advance that they will be contacted, urging them to respond quickly to calls from Mintz Global.

5. How long does the registration process take?

The duration of the registration process varies. Factors such as incomplete documents, difficulty reaching references or client availability can slow down the process. Since these factors are beyond our control, we recommend that you check your registration status regularly via your online profile.

6. Do you perform a background check every time that I apply for a job?

No, we understand that your past employers do not wish to be disturbed with multiple reference checks. After performing a reference check once, we will not contact that employer again, unless it’s necessary.

7. Do I have to come to Montreal for an interview?

Although we prefer to meet you personally at our Montreal office, we have consultants available for interviews throughout Canada. In some circumstances, we will consider Skype video interviews, depending on the position to be filled.

8. Is there a fee for registering with Elite?

No, our services are free for candidates. Fees are at the expense of employers.

9. Do I need to have a legal working status in the potential employer’s country?

It is not mandatory but preferable. Immigration procedures are long and provide no guarantee of success. Only a few clients are willing to go through that process. We suggest that you speak with an immigration lawyer to learn how you can obtain a legal working status in a new country.

10. Can I come to Elite Domo’s office to register in person?

We only meet with candidates by appointment. Before meeting you, we will need to view your resume and application form. The most efficient way to be called for an interview is to fill out the candidate application form first.

11. What should I bring to my interview with Elite Domo?

We recommend that you read the Prepare for an interview tips before your in-person interview and bring with you:

  • Your up-to-date resume
  • A copy of the job posting
  • Signed letters of recommendation
  • Relevant certificates and documents
  • Social security card
  • Two picture identification cards (passport, driver’s license, medicare card)
  • First aid & CPR certificate (if applicable).

12. Are all the jobs posted on your website still available?

Our website is updated regularly and filled positions are removed once a candidate has been hired. However, a position may already be at the final interview stage or even the trial stage when you apply. To increase your chances, we recommend that you register on our website before a job becomes available, so we that can consider your profile.

13. We are a couple, how can we apply?

Couples need to sign up individually. Simply send us an email afterward, indicating that you are applying as a couple, and we will update our database.