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The Corporate Flight Attendant


Here’s a common description of this profession:

The Corporate Flight Attendants are dedicated to providing the highest
levels of safety and service to the owners/passengers and fellow crew
members. It is the primary responsibility of a Corporate Flight Attendant
to provide a superior air transportation experience while maintaining a
continued safety record second to none on each and every flight.

Also known as Executive, Personal Flight Attendant or Cabin Crew, the
Corporate Flight Attendant is providing not only safe transportation but
also providing an exclusive concierge-level service experience to every
owner and passenger. The Executive Flight Attendant is expected to
effectively wear many hats to achieve this concierge-level service
experience with roles ranging from professional cabin attendant to
personalized in-flight service provider.

The Corporate Flight Attendant must engage in sound crew resource
management and comply with all transportation authority regulations and
company policies to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers throughout
the flight segment. The Corporate Flight Attendant must consistently meet
or exceed all performance requirements and he/she must be flexible with the
flight environment encountering diverse passengers and such things as the
transportation of family pets, children, and in-flight smoking by

  • Greets owners/passengers pre-flight, briefs them on the specific flight
    / trip and verifies itinerary.
  • Acts as a liaison for owners/passengers from the time the
    owners/passengers arrive at the FBO until they have safely landed at
    their final destination and have departed the final FBO.
  • Must properly stow on aircraft all carry on cabin luggage as needed and
    handling of various animals that are “pets” to the owners/passengers.
  • Anticipates and prepares for owners and guests needs and expectations
    and tailors service to create an exceptional flight experience. This
    includes setting the appropriate ambience for each phase of the flight
    (e.g., meals, movies, sleeping, etc.).
  • Delivers the finest level of food preparation and presentation
    including by setting/clearing tables and plating and serving meals in a
    timely manner.
  • Managing all aspects of provisioning the aircraft for business as well as
    personal flights. This includes coordination with commercial catering
    suppliers as well as internal sources for meals and other comestibles.
  • Must be able to work varying hours including day and night, weekdays,
    weekends and holidays. Duty may last for as long as fourteen hours per
    day for up to eight days and may span different time zones and extreme
    weather differences in the course of a trip. While on duty may be away
    from home for six or more days and nights, staying in hotels.
  • Work environment is subject to frequent changes in cabin altitude from
    sea level to 40,000 feet, variable positive and negative G loads and
    turbulence in-flight.
  • Must be able to interact and care for owner/passenger pets. May be
    subjected to potential allergens.
  • Work environment is subjected to second hand smoke.
  • Acts as the final authority on his/her aircraft with respect to all
    areas of operation including the applicable safety and regulatory
    guidance. Must follow all transportation authority, company and other
    applicable safety regulations.
  • Must be punctual and dependable and report to work on a regular and
    timely basis.
  • Prepares the airplane for flight per the transport authority guidelines
    and Original Equipment Manufacture’s (OEM) checklists.
  • Conducts detailed examination of interior of aircraft, operating and
    testing various equipment. Reviews any discrepancies and advises PIC
    for safe flight operation.
  • Stocks airplane cabin with required equipment and materials and other
    emergency equipment as well as linens, blankets, magazines and other
    amenities for passengers.
  • In the event of abnormal or emergency situations, coordinates with the
    flight crew to determine if immediate action is required or landing is
  • Must be prepared to effectively and summarily act in emergency
    situations while remaining calm and responsive to PIC authority and
    transport authority communication as well as alert and sensitive to
    Owners/passengers safety and concerns.
  • Responsible for preparing the aircraft for the next flight segment or
    properly securing the aircraft for shutdown when it is the last flight
    for the day.
  • Responsible for cleaning including vacuuming, restocking of commissary,
    and removal of refuse.
  • Responsible for properly communicating any maintenance abnormalities or
    discrepancies to the PIC. Additionally must properly complete any
    paperwork associated with any discrepancies or events that could have
    or did affect the flight.
  • Report the House Manager, Executive Assistant or directly to the

Salary range: $120,000 to $160,000+

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